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The introduction

Hey. I havent done this in a very long time. And i think i forgot how to even put my thoughts into a sentence. Writing in Lithuanian gets me no use cause im not gonna live here forever. And its much harder to express my feelings. I already sound like an ass , and your probably bored reading these few sentences. And im sorry. But i dont know how to make a cry for help sound interesting. Im not here for pity , im not here for attention , im here for help. Im here to listen to other peoples stories and hope that someone will care enough to read my own. So i guess this is my introduction post. Im going throw a very dark , twisted time. I feel like im losing it.
Im really scared for tomorrow cause im going to a doctor\psichatrist for the first time. And. I dont want to lose it in front of her. Im scared that my weak mind will let me say too much. Im hoping someone reads this. Maybe you’ll be interested in hearing my story. If not then….. I guess this is for my own sanity.

Either way ,Hello.

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