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Stolen history. Broken youth.

A walk in the rain. A look throw the trees. Im not safe here. Im not safe anywhere. All i do is dream. So calm. But reality is so much more complicated than the picture i have in my head. I’ve been so sad for so long about completely loosing my old friends. Its the only history i can call my own. And after about three years , i want them back. I imagine us laying on the grass. Its summer. Wind going throw our hair. Music playing somewhere near. Not a care. Not a fear. Smiles don’t fade away. Even after the dawn. You always know someone has your back. You always know if you have a bad day… they are there. I miss it. So much. The hole in my soul. Never seems to fill up with anyone else. I dont have an explanation that you (the reader) would understand if you never felt this way. Its like you know something is meant to be…. but. I kept using the word “but” for too long. There is no “but”. Go get your history back.

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